Local search engine optimization is becoming more important, but SMBs continue to struggle with this top priority.

Small business owners who assume they won’t make money with content are missing the boat. SMBs are online and generating revenue from their blogging efforts.

ContentLEAD recently covered a U.S. Small Business Administration Google+ Hangout for Small Business Week, in which Darnell Holloway, the Manager or Yelp’s Local Business Outreach cited research that found businesses with free accounts on the local listing site brought in $8,000 annually from their presences.

The data from a Boston Consulting Group analysis of 4,800 businesses also showed that investing in paid accounts on the site drastically boosts SMBs’ earnings. On average, companies that purchase advertising services with Yelp generate $23,000 every year, with businesses in the home category bringing in $54,000 from their participation on the site.

“This isn’t all that surprising given that Yelp helps consumers find a great local business when they are looking to make a purchasing decision,” the Official Yelp Blog states. “What is surprising is that more businesses aren’t taking advantage (yet) of this opportunity to reach customers.”

To help small businesses make money online, Yelp recently added a new call to action function at the bottom of companies’ ad listings. By clicking a button, consumers can quickly convert. Depending on the business, this might mean purchasing passes, scheduling appointments, printing coupons or requesting more information.

While it was once difficult for small businesses to determine whether their content marketing efforts were paying off in terms of sales, websites are introducing new tools that make it easy to assess their efforts. Yelp’s new feature encourages internet users to perform desired actions, just like strong calls to action in website content tell customers what to do next.