organic web content wins

When small- and medium-sized businesses are first launching their web marketing efforts, they may not know what they need or where to start. Internet-savvy family members and friends swear by Google AdWords, while other business owners in the community rely on SEO practices. A recent Forrester report covered by Search Engine Land proves the latter is best and organic content marketing is the way to go. 

More than half of surveyed consumers (54 percent) said their path to a business’ website started with organic search. Paid ads weren’t even a close competitor – they were seventh on the list and only 18 percent of respondents said they clicked ads to visit sponsors’ pages.

Social networking sites took second place, as nearly one-third of surveyed consumers said businesses’ social presences on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other sites directly compelled them to clickthrough to company websites.

So small business owners can put that money back in their pockets and focus on organic efforts that will push their website content to the top of search results pages (where 32.5 percent of internet users click, according to ContentLEAD). SEO and social media marketing provide SMBs with a channel to engage customers, generate leads and drive traffic to conversion touchpoints.