Website content plays an important role in web marketing. Companies that build out their web presences to include blog content see their website traffic increase significantly, and it’s important for companies to maintain an active content marketing game plan.

Contentlead reported that online shoppers look for products they want to buy via popular search engines, and even when they find interesting items, consumers want additional support before they convert. What type of support do these internet users want? People want informational content such as FAQs, product descriptions, how-to guides and industry news – all major components of any blog marketing campaign.

Customer Service Chat“SEO and social media are converging into content marketing optimization,” Lisa Parmley, the founder of, said. “Businesses create content their prospects are interested in. Naturally they want to maximize the results they get from each piece of content they create. The best method for doing that is by optimizing the content for search engines and spreading the word to their existing fan base on social media platforms.”

While social media channels help brands distribute content to the masses, companies that want to take advantage of Facebook’s reach need thorough content creation strategies in place. According to a new report from, which surveyed 265 marketers, brands are putting resources toward building effective content strategies. In fact, 74 percent of survey respondents indicated they use content marketing to increase traffic and promote their brands online. However, they also face unique challenges, like how to develop content for SEO returns.

When asked what types of media brands use to engage audiences, 74 percent said written articles were the cornerstones of their campaigns. Thirty-eight percent of marketers create video content today, and 53 percent will market via video by end of the year. These content types can all be optimized to increase search visibility as long as the appropriate steps are taken well in advance.

SEO content consists of any type of media created with search engines and end-users in mind. Well-written content engages viewers and readers, compelling them to react in a calculated way, but it also grabs the attention of search crawlers, encouraging these bots to index the content. As marketers continue to embrace content for promotional purposes, companies must educate themselves on SEO and its value in the internet marketplace.