SMBs are still feeling the impacts of Google's spam-fighting Penguin algorithm.

Think back to the end of May 2013, just before Memorial Day. Do you remember the Penguin panic that set in as companies using black hat link building practices saw their website content disappear from search engine results pages? ContentLEAD covered the release of Google’s Penguin 2.0 algorithm and gave SMBs advice that could help them recover – but most are struggling to rebuild SEO.

It seems that many companies still feel the pain, as 53 percent of survey respondents said they were impacted by the spam-fighting technology. Of those impacted, 68 percent said they have not yet recovered from the hit they took in search rankings. A fortunate 7 percent reported they had fully recovered and 17 percent said their rebound was partial.

You might be suffering from Penguin attacks if your content analytics show:

  • A dip in search traffic (Google Analytics) 
  • Lower than usual traffic from core keywords (Google Analytics) 
  • Lower than average keyword impressions (Webmaster Tools)
  • Underwhelming clickthrough rates (Webmaster Tools)

The best approach to Penguin recovery is link assessment and disavowal. Want to learn more?

ContentLEAD recently published a resource containing information that will help SMBs identify problematic website content and remove it, so they can get on with successful SEO strategies in a post-Penguin 2.0 world.

Download it here.