Tablet use is growing among all demographics, but older generations of Americans are coming around more than expected.

A report from AdParlor found that small businesses in certain verticals are seeing substantial engagement with their Facebook marketing efforts. The study demonstrates the value of social media content that informs prospects, and encourages them to offer word-of-web referrals in the form of content shared with their own friends or colleagues.

According to AdParlor, social media marketing campaigns for SMBs in the entertainment industry see click-through rates of nearly 12 percent, which is the highest of the analyzed verticals. Moreover, SMBs in the electronics industry are seeing CTRs of 10 percent, as more consumers and B2B buyers turn to social media to learn about look to purchase new devices best suited to their needs.

The type of social content most likely to garner responses and engagement in these industries varies heavily. For SMBs, the key is to build audience profiles, generate a variety of content and make campaign adjustments based on the most effective Tweets, posts and web pages. Moreover, news content marketing can enhance social outreach, as Fans and followers will enjoy timely, relevant articles regarding the products or services they’re researching.

Visual content will likely become a competitive necessity for SMB social media marketing campaigns with the addition of Timeline for businesses, ContentLEAD recently reported. The updated Facebook page layout is still rolling out, but opting into the feature now will allow companies to test new content ahead of the competition to get a social edge.