Outsourcing content marketing is helping marketers save time.

Detailing the top web properties in the U.S., market research firm comScore shed light on a trend that can help small businesses improve their content marketing campaigns aimed at more seasonal shopping periods. According to the study, ecommerce vendors that sell flowers, gifts and other items typically given on Mothers Day saw the biggest website traffic gains in the month.

For small businesses, it’s critical that content marketing efforts evolve with shifting search and social activity around relevant seasons. In the lead up to holidays or other events, SMBs can create articles, infographics and other content that discusses gifts or party ideas that will help drive traffic. Even companies outside of the B2C ecommerce sector can create interesting content that discusses events in a manner that is related to their industry and interesting to their readers.

Maintaining relevance for readers is critical, as irrelevant content is unlikely to achieve the ultimate goal of driving conversions. Nevertheless, the use of seasonally trending topics is a strong addition to website content and often helps small businesses establish rapport with their website visitors.

SMBs who want to create content around seasonal trends might find success with infographics that aggregate pertinent data and present in a graphic format. In general visual content is especially useful in terms of providing prospects with an interesting take on data. ContentLEAD recently reported that Yahoo and other search engines have shifted their focus to improve image searches, which could help SMBs with strong visual content stand out in search.