SMBs can get their most valuable customers to convert with good SEO and website content.

A report from the Integer Group suggests that small businesses looking to improve their appeal among consumers must focus on targeting shoppers online. While the survey focused on the ecommerce habits of specific demographics, it also found that web shopping activity among all groups has increased substantially.

Website visits and search traffic are increasingly valuable, but email marketing has quickly become popular as a form of shopping research for most consumers. According to the report, 49 percent of respondents have enrolled to receive email messages from their favorite small businesses. Using this channel can help SMBs improve engagement with their audiences and provide them with links to quality site content that might fuel conversions.

Parents represent a demographic that Integer found is especially active in shopping on the web. According to the research, parents research products and services they plan to buy for their households aggressively. As more demographics becomes plugged into the web for information, a content marketing campaign targeted at these audiences can help draw relevant traffic to SMB sites.

ContentLEAD recently highlighted a study from BabyCenter that found new mothers are especially active on the web, as the new responsibilities in their lives make them less likely to leave home and buy products in stores. As such, SMBs can focus on social media marketing, website content and other channels to attract this demographic and drive conversions.