Small businesses must be customer-obsessed for content marketing success

Small business know they need to be online, so they develop website content and start social media accounts. These efforts are crucial for success in today’s economy, but they are only as good as their ability to engage the people who matter most – customers. A recent Forrester study revealed companies that are considered ‘customer-obsessed’ experience the most success with content marketing.

When it comes to marketing results, businesses that are pragmatists, risk-averse or experimenters take the backseat to their client-focused counterparts. Forrester explained this is because SMBs that have honed in on their customers’ needs and preferences understand what it takes it get them to make a purchase. Perhaps more importantly, companies in this category are willing to do what it takes to get them there, while reluctant competitors fall behind.

Forrester Analyst Bert Dumars does not necessarily fault small business owners for their hesitance, as he admits technology has introduced new stumbling blocks. Today’s always-on customers have new demands and higher expectations.

“Traditional marketing tools, channels, strategies and tactics are becoming less effective in the age we live in now,” said Dumars.

Small business owners must develop content marketing strategies that meet customers’ current needs, but can be adjusted as future challenges surface. Seventy percent of small businesses pay an estimated $1,000 per month for SEO services, ContentLEAD previously reported. While this might seem like a big investment, it usually leaves them wanting more support in the long run.

For better business exposure and lead generation, SMBs often find need to allocate a bigger portion of their budgets to search-friendly content to see the SEO results and conversion rates they want.