Small business owners can use the internet to increase company exposure and improve customer sentiment. However, the web only serves as a valuable marketing channel if SMBs have the resources necessary for success. In a recent interview with Percolate Co-Founder Noah Brier, eMarketer discovers that real-time content marketing is a must for every business.

Social media has become the nexus of business and the public – in fact, Americans spend 27 percent of their web time on social networks. Therefore, companies must create timely social media content to resolve customer concerns, answer questions and promote products and services.

Brier says, “If it’s older than three hours, it’s not real time. Being a real-time marketer is being relevant within the day.” SMBs might not have the immediate in-house resource to monitor social and content chatter by the hour, but it’s increasingly important for professionals to find the time or the right people to keep companies’ online presences ongoing and dynamic.

Small- to mid-sized businesses that work with in-house staff or external team members to develop content marketing campaigns must put steps in place to allow for adaptable marketing decisions. If a customer asks a question on Facebook, an SMB must be able to deliver an answer in a reasonable amount of time, even when it requires a longer-form article to solve the problem or provide the person with an answer.