Content Analytics Services Help SMBs Thrive

​Content creation helps small businesses tell their unique stories. From the value of their products or services to their history, companies that take content marketing seriously impact their bottom lines. A recent report from Gartner noted that 41 percent of business owners save money when they take resource from offline marketing and put it toward online efforts.

However, business owners can’t push more resource on creative marketing without having the appropriate content analytics practices in place. Unfortunately, a new Econsultancy survey found 26 percent of companies don’t have dedicated staff to measure website data. Without an idea of what’s working and what isn’t, companies run the risk of developing inconsistent campaigns that don’t increase website conversions or resonate with their customer base.

The Econsultancy report also covered which analytics SMBs outsource to third-party agencies. Implementation support (37 percent), regular reporting (27 percent) and data integration (27 percent) were the top three reasons businesses outsourced, suggesting many organizations struggle to develop consistent protocol for data evaluation. As blog marketing becomes more important for storytelling, SMBs will invest more in peoplepower, analytics services and technology.