Small business owners who target mothers should focus most of their attention of digital media. Women with children at home make most household decisions, and they also consume significantly more media than the average American.

According to eMarketer estimates, mothers are more likely to use the ‘net than many Americans – 94.5 percent versus 75.7 percent. The source notes that 34 million moms use the web at least monthly. Where do these influential women spend their time online? Eighty percent of moms use social media sites monthly, and 75 percent turn to Facebook specifically. While Twitter only serves 17 percent of moms, that percentage is still slightly higher than the overall Gen X population.

Many business owners think of networks like Facebook and Twitter as the prime way to drive social chatter and traffic, but blog marketing can also be a highly interactive online experience. In fact, 40 percent of moms read blog content monthly and more than 4 million mothers wrote their own pieces. These consumers are highly likely to create their own content around positive experiences they’ve had with businesses and their unique products, opening doors for business owners to garner valuable user-generated content.

SMBs understand their audiences best as they have direct contact with customers who convert in store. However, entrepreneurs must transition some of their marketing power online to reach these media-hungry consumers. ContenLEAD notes that 50 percent of customer insight gathered by large enterprises is inaccurate, so SMBs have a clear edge on the competition.