SMBs need to rank well for targeted keywords to get into SERPs

Small businesses considering an SEO strategy received an even greater impetus from AYTM Market Research, which found 63.5 percent of consumers use search engines every day. Among those that aren’t on search engines daily, 21 percent said they still use them often, meaning most Americans are active on search.

Developing a content marketing strategy with a focus on SEO can help small businesses organically improve their web presence and appeal to prospects. Aside from greater search standing, creating website content helps SMBs ensure that visitors can learn about their products and services once they land on sites through search.

In terms of the keyword strategies used as part of content campaigns, a diverse list of terms of varying lengths can help small businesses attract different users. AYTM found that 26.9 percent of consumers typically search for phrases made up of one or two words, while 12.3 percent said they search for longer terms of phrases.

As SMBs develop more content, their sites can become a resource for their target audiences. Developing on-site information that is useful to prospects drives authority and improves reputation on the web. Additionally, ensuring that a site is easy to use and navigate will help attract repeat traffic. ContentLEAD recently reported that 34 percent of consumers said ecommerce issues often frustrate them and drive them away from some websites.