Small businesses are looking to web marketing as a key driver of success moving forward.

A report from Crain’s BtoB Magazine found that small businesses are launching new, comprehensive marketing strategies, including email and social media, but many fail to adjust content and campaigns based on the data they gather.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents said their email marketing campaigns were their most effective, with 49 percent saying they focus more on email than other channels, such as social media marketing.

Others said social media marketing and alternative channels were also effective. However, 60 percent said their most important goal moving forward was greater lead generation. Seventy-seven percent will reportedly expand the types of content they include in their email campaigns.

To achieve this, many are currently researching their subscriber list to improve the quality of their audience targeting. Sixty-five percent said they will segment their campaigns by industry moving forward. Similarly, 56 percent will adjust content by the region they’re selling to and 55 percent will focus on the position of the subscriber.

ContentLEAD recently reported that other problems SMBs using email marketing are encountering include excessive messages and unsolicited emails. Eliminating both of these issue is critical moving forward.