Social media marketing campaigns can help SMBs stand out on the web by focusing on customer service.

Facebook marketing expert and chiropractor Dr. Matthew Loop believes his fellow chiropractors must make better use of the social media marketing capability available to them on the web. As such, Loop urges them to turn to Facebook as he did to help expand his practice.

Like most industries, the medical field has struggled at times to use social as a platform for engagement. However, it’s especially well suited for this industry, as people react best when they develop trust with a business. Doctors, dentists, chiropractors and others can leverage their expertise with dynamic social content that discusses critical trends in their specific field.

Loop said that he and other chiropractors have been able to attract as many as 30 new patients in a month with social media marketing, especially Facebook.

“There’s an art and science to harnessing social media correctly to build trust, credibility, liking and authority,” Loop said in a release. “Mastering relationship building is key butT not everything. The practicing chiropractor needs to know how to fuse direct response marketing into the mix to actually get prospective patients off of Facebook.”

Like other small businesses, the web has been especially difficult for small medical practices to take advantage of. While social campaigns are critical, a website with original, informative content for fans and followers to land on is equally important. However, ContentLEAD recently reported that most small businesses do not have websites. In fact, 60 percent of SMBs in Minnesota, for example, lack a website.