Using your social presence to improve understanding of your target audience can help improve the effective of your content.

EMarketer estimates that 152 million Amercians will be active Facebook users in 2014, and 37.6 million will maintain personal Twitter accounts by that point. As such, small businesses looking to bolster social media marketing capability can focus on these sites, among others, to reach new prospects.

While the report predicts that the growth rates for these networks will fall in the next two years, they are not becoming any less important to the consumers using them.

According to eMarketer, Twitter’s user base will expand by 20.7 percent this year, compared to 6.6 for Facebook. Both of these numbers are marked decreases from 2011, when Facebook grew by 13.4 percent and Twitter saw a 31.9 percent expansion. For platforms with so many users, dwindling growth rates are inevitable. Social media marketing campaigns, however, are still good opportunities to attract new prospects on these websites.

With growth rates steadying, consumers and B2B buyers will become more refined and practiced in their social media use. As such, SMBs relying on the channel should frequently adjust their social campaigns in accordance with prospects’ behavior on the websites.

One such refinement SMBs can make is the pairing of social media marketing with other channels. For example, ContentLEAD recently reported that integrating social with email marketing results in 28 percent more engagement among subscribers.