SMBs should invest in the channels that will produce the most ROI.

Small businesses looking to launch a social media marketing presence should consider more than just making a fan page on Facbook. According to research from comScore, social sites Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn all saw marked traffic increases in the last 12 months, better positioning these sites to help SMBs reach new prospects and expand the content they share.

According to comScore’s research, Tumblr traffic increased 172 percent between October 2010 and October 2011. For SMBs, Tumblr represents a method of sharing visual, highly engaging content that appeals to younger audiences. For those looking to attract a B2B audience or older consumers, LinkedIn may be the answer. ComScore reported that LinkedIn traffic jumped 55 percent in the studied 12-month period.

While Facebook is still in the hands-down leader in social media use, expanding a web presence means operating on multiple social networks.

To an extent, these social networks are competing against each other for users. However, businesses can leverage their competition by integrating them into their social media marketing campaigns to reach the audiences most likely to use each platform.

Even Google+ is beginning to build some momentum as 2012 begins. ContentLEAD reported that Google+ recently surpassed the 62 million-user mark, and the company expects more than 400 million members by the end of the year.