Social media stirs during Super Bowl 47

The Super Bowl may be a time for big brands to tout their offerings, but it’s also an opportunity for small businesses to get in on the conversation. Although these small companies may not have the budget to get a primetime ad during the game, they can use their social media accounts to discuss what’s happening on the field.

Econsultancy reported on research by Sysomos, a company that monitors social media. Sysomos discovered that the Super Bowl was mentioned 4.2 million times on social media sites. Amazingly, 99 percent of the mentions came from microblogging site Twitter. Additionally, Twitter’s metrics provider, Topsy, reported that the NFL garnered 3.5 million Tweets surrounding NFL hashtags: #superbowl and #SB47.

Although Contentlead recently reported that some small businesses prefer LinkedIn over Twitter, it’s obvious that these brands need to take advantage of Twitter’s growing presence. By responding to trending hashtags, asking followers for their opinions and engaging with hot content, small brands can generate buzz in their communities surrounding a big event.

During the Super Bowl, brands can choose their focus, harping on something that is relevant to what they do. They may not focus on players or individual plays, but on engaging advertisements or enticing recipes. Instead of guessing a winner, they can discuss the halftime show.