SMBs that up the ante around the holidays can build relationships with customers year round.

Small businesses work hard to establish themselves as reputable companies. It’s daunting to try and stack up to corporate behemoths, but SMBs know it pays to appear bigger than they actually are. Social media marketing helps organizations spread word about their products and services, but SMBs are losing out if they neglect Pinterest.

A recent study from Semiocast revealed that only 60 percent of fashion brands converted their individual accounts to business pages once the network began offering the option to companies. Of the 70 million users on the site, around half a million are registered to businesses, the analysis revealed. Just 210,000 of those are United States operations, while China has around 190,000 and a much smaller user base.

Seventy percent of all Pinterst members are in the U.S., which means SMBs have great opportunities to reach their target audiences on the site.

It might seem like more hassle than it’s worth to convert account information, but Pinterest understands businesses have different goals than consumers. When the network introduced company pages, it also introduced content analytics to help companies monitor follower engagement with Pins, track traffic that’s directed to homepages and determine which social media content leads to conversions.

It’s been proven that Pinterest marketing drives conversions, but it’s also been shown that companies are not taking advantage of its potential. ContentLEAD recently covered a Vision Critical report, which found that almost three in 10 Pinterest users purchase products or services after favoriting or sharing them online. However, companies aren’t always doing their part. A Digitas and Curalate report noted that members are behind 70 percent of all engagement on the site, meaning the consumers are actively seeking out companies and not the other way around.