Social media marketing with Twitter can be aided with visual content.

A report from AYTM Market Research suggests that small businesses looking to succeed with social media marketing should limit updates to relevant content. More than 80 percent of respondents said they believe social accounts share too much information.

A prospects doesn’t mind much when a friend shares a fairly extraneous bit of information. However, the SMBs they follow or Like have less room for excessive posts. Avoiding this content is critical for small businesses hoping to establish meaningful connections with their prospects on social networks.

Business owners might consider that a separate report covered by ContentLEAD found informational Tweets are considered some of the “best types” of social content, while conversational Tweets and presence maintenance Tweets were deemed “not worth reading.” The study considered Twitter marketing, but this general theory of which content types are successful and which aren’t might also be applied to content shared across social networks.

Reaching social users with the right kind of info can help SMBs influence a large number of shoppers. More than 83 percent of respondents said they are regularly active on social networks, which means they’re reading, sharing and commenting on content. SMBs can use this interest in social media to drum up interest in their products and services. However, content has to be engaging and appeal to the target audiences.

The growth of different networks has made social media marketing an increasingly important channel for SMBs to pursue. For example, ContentLEAD recently reported that Facebook garners 9 percent of all website visits in the United States. Moreover, the site sees more than 1 billion page views per week from Americans and approximately 220 million per day.