Some businesses are failing to implement email marketing effectively despite the amount of people around the world that use email every day.

Smartphones are changing the way consumers access the internet, with mobile devices making it easy for people to search for information even when they are away from their desktops. Marketers should take note that mobile devices also increase the frequency at which users check their emails, so fresh content for email newsletters is a must.

ExactTarget’s Mobile Dependence Day reveals that 29 percent of smartphone owners check their email “constantly throughout the day.” Moreover, two-thirds of respondents check their email via mobile devices at least once per day.

This indicates that marketers must keep their email content fresh to continuously engage this audience, and one benefit may be brand advocacy. The study says that 20 percent of mobile users share articles via email.

Another benefit of email marketing to mobile audiences might be sales. The study found that nearly one in five consumers have made a purchase as a direct result of mobile marketing, and email is far and away the biggest mobile purchase trigger. More than half of those who have made purchases because of mobile finds (55 percent) report that they acted on an email.

Whether catering to mobile audiences or traditional internet users, email marketing should be a top priority for businesses this year. As ContentLEAD has reported, email is currently the most popular marketing channel among SMBs.