Users typically click the first link on search results.

Content marketing is poised to be a top priority this year, with blog and social marketing budgets doubling compared to 2009 spend. HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing report reveals that marketers are increasing investment in blog marketing with good reason as 57 percent of respondents say they have gained new clients via company blogs.

The study asked more than 700 business executives about their 2011 marketing campaigns, and it found marketers will spend 18 percent of their budgets on blogs and other social content. This demonstrates a significant increase over the 2009 version of the study when 9 percent of marketing budgets were allocated to these channels. Companies are spending more on inbound marketing strategies this year as the cost per lead is 62 percent lower.

Businesses hoping to acquire new clients via marketing blogs should take note that the most successful blogs are those that update frequently. More than three-quarters of marketers who gain new customers through their blogs (76 percent) say they post at least two to three times per week. Moreover, nearly 90 percent say they post fresh content multiple times per day, demonstrating the value of frequently posting fresh headlines.

SMBs might take this as their cue to plan content marketing campaigns as a means of driving more leads for less the cost. The HubSpot findings confirm ContentLEAD’s earlier report that search optimized blog content drives sales. According to data from BlogHer Media, 63 percent of consumers have made purchases that were inspired by blogs.