Tablet use is growing among all demographics, but older generations of Americans are coming around more than expected.

A report from Perion found that the Baby Boomer generation is adopting tablets more frequently than expected. According to the report, 88.5 percent of Americans over the age of 45 typically move slowly when considering new technology, but more than 84 percent said they take the plunge and purchase when they find a device fits their lifestyle.

Similarly, a report from Gartner suggests tablet user behavior aligns well with channels included in well-rounded web marketing campaigns. For example, 81 percent of respondents said they check email on their devices daily, while 69 percent said they read news and 62 percent access social networks.

Developing news content marketing campaigns that focus on an SMB’s industry can help drive relevant traffic and position a company well in its industry. Moreover, as tablet users continue to access more news content, it will drive a small business’ status as a resource for information.

More than anything, both reports indicate tablets are an increasingly popular computing option. For SMBs, targeting tablet users with content marketing campaigns with a focus on SEO can help drive search standing. Creating content for tablet users requires some adjustments to SEO efforts. However, the ability to reach tablet users never stops. According to Gartner, tablet owners often find they use their devices to search the web at home as frequently as when they’re on the go. Eighty-seven percent said they go online via tablets in their living rooms, and 65 percent reportedly use tablets in the bedroom.

“The rapid adoption of media tablets is substantially changing how consumers access, create and share content,” Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner, said in a release.

“Weekday evenings are the most popular time to use media tablets, and this usage flattens out during the weekend as people tend to be away from home,” she continued.

According to Perion, making considerations for tablet users, especially those in the Baby Boomer generation, can help small businesses target a rapidly growing audience. Moreover, a campaign aimed at tablet users will help target other generations using them frequently.

ContentLEAD recently highlighted a report from Pew that found the mobile web is quickly becoming the preferred internet access point for Americans, whether it’s through a tablet or a smartphone. Developing a content marketing effort to reach these users can help drive web leads and conversions.