Smartphone owners are active news consumers, which can help drive traffic for small businesses.

The sheer growth of the mobile audience demonstrates the need for diverse marketing campaigns to create content accessible on various mobile platforms, a study from Marketo found.

In its study, Marketo said 34 percent of companies using interactive marketing campaigns plan to launch or improve their mobile capability. To optimize content for a mobile audience, businesses do not need to develop customized applications or launch mobile display ads. Simply creating SEO or social media marketing content that is easily accessible on mobile devices can be enough.

As mobile search and social media use become more prevalent, SEO campaigns must make room for mobile customers by catering to local searches from nearby shoppers.

Failing to make adjustments that are mobile user-friendly could be problematic for small businesses as competitors take advantage of these channels. IDC reported last week that web access from mobile devices is on pace to surpass desktop internet use by 2015. Developing programs to leverage this growth now will help small businesses prepare for the eventual tipping point.