SMBs are smart to include their phone numbers on their websites so customers can easily contact them.

A report from suggests that small businesses making considerations for mobile audiences with their website content are more likely to see conversions increase. The study suggests that 84 percent of SMBs in the U.S. that make mobile targeting a part of web marketing see greater site traffic, lead generation and web conversions.

The benefits these companies have found from focusing on mobile led 69 percent of SMBs to say appealing to smartphone and tablet users was critical for their organization in the next five years. As these devices become increasingly popular, small businesses can no longer view mobile as an add-on for their marketing.

Many small businesses have focused heavily on improving their web presence in recent years. While found search standing has increased for many SMBs, too many believe that SEO will take care of local and mobile search. According to the report, just 26 percent of SMBs included in the poll have a website that is entirely functional on the mobile web.

Furthermore, 61 percent of SMBs, even some seeing increased activity from smartphone users, have not developed a mobile SEO strategy, despite saying a strong search presence is important for their business.

Targeting both mobile and desktop search users is critical for SMBs moving forward. ContentLEAD recently reported that queries from smartphones, tablets and desktop computers will total more than 90 billion in 2012 with about one-third coming from mobile devices.