Men are spending more time on the web accessing website content that can compel them to spend money.

At a recent small business event in Corsicana, Texas, expert Marc Wilson detailed the value SMBs can find in social media marketing and mobile technology. According to a release, more than 30 local businesses attended the event.

Wilson told the representative that the internet has presented substantial marketing opportunities to businesses of all sizes. However, small businesses, especially those in more rural regions, have been slow to adopt most forms of web marketing.

Among the primary issues Wilson touched on were the growing use of mobile devices to find information on a business and the “groundswell to buy local, buy American.” Leveraging these trends can be difficult at times. However, social media marketing can be a strong first step into both of these arenas.

Moreover, now is the best time to implement these trends, especially for B2C companies, as consumer spending is as strong as it’s been in three years, Wilson said. Targeting prospects with engaging social media content can provide the impetus for sales.

Other small business experts have urged adoption of web marketing capability throughout the country. ContentLEADreported that Google has sent representatives to states throughout the U.S. to help them launch websites and leverage the business-building aspects of the web