Macy's new page on Facebook is the first example of the new design coming to all businesses in the coming months.

At Wednesday’s Facebook Market Conference, the social media leader detailed its new brand page layout, which is essentially Timeline for businesses. While Facebook used department store giant Macy’s as the first company, it’s clear that the page format is coming to all businesses – large and small.

SMBs using Facebook for social media marketing can embrace the new page layout before it rolls out by shifting strategy to feature more visual content. Timeline for consumer profiles has provided a more seamless integration of visual and text content. Small businesses can achieve this same effect with a healthy mix of different types of content as part of their social strategy.

According to Macy’s CMO Martine Reardon, the new profile layout for businesses provides an interesting twist for social media marketing. Rather than sharing content that is one dimensional, SMBs can develop campaigns that weave multiple images, videos and text into an interesting message to appeal to prospects. While some may find the new layout overwhelming, it has provided small businesses the chance to be more flexible in their social strategy.

ContentLEAD recently reported that visual content, which is a greater focus on the new layout, helps improve engagement compared to other forms of social posts.