Tumblr's popularity has made it one of the 50 most popular web properties, according to comScore.

A report from comScore ranking the top web properties showed little surprise at the top with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook occupying the first four spots. However, a new entrant into the top 50 demonstrates the growing value of social content on the web, as Tumblr made its debut in comScore’s list at No. 47.

The social blogging platform that so many consumers use to share images and other content with their friends has also become a premier platform for small businesses to interact with their target audience. Posting images to a Tumblr and sharing the links to Twitter and other platforms expands visibility on the web.

Tumblr has grown substantially in the last 12 months along with other social networks looking to cut into the space dominated by Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. The focus on visual content makes it an ideal tool to improve user engagement.

Other networks that have seen great growth recently include Pinterest and Instagram, which have leveraged interest in visual content to attract new users. ContentLEAD recently reported that visual content of different kinds – whether images or infographics, used as part of a content marketing campaign – perform better in terms of engagement than other kinds.