Twitter Introduces Universal Search

A report from the Harvard Business Review suggests that small businesses can improve their Twitter presence with posts that provide fresh context on information.

Among the Twitter marketing methods most likely to elicit positive responses from prospects are those that promote the SMB, pose relevant questions to followers and provide original information regarding the business or industry.

Conversely, any posts that contain unnecessary information will likely be ignored entirely. SMBs often attempt to further their presence on social networks with more conversational posts that describe what’s happening at the office. While this can be engaging in small doses, excessive content for content’s sake that offers no real value to prospects can be harmful for social media marketing campaigns.

Moreover, small businesses that use Twitter as a forum for expressing complaints can detract from goal of promoting the company and sharing information. Thirty percent of users say Tweets that complain about issues without offering useful insights are “not worth it.”

On the other hand, one in three consumers said Tweets that share relevant information are worth their time (and clicks), while 36 percent enjoy seeing posts that detail a business and its offerings in some manner. The study suggests businesses offer links to promotional info with clever context, and it highlighted users’ interest in news.

ContentLEAD recently reported that consumers are more likely to trust a company whose website is populated with original content. Moreover, creating articles and blog posts was listed as the third most trustworthy form of marketing in a study conducted by Nielsen.