For many, 2013 is already in full swing, but some businesses are still catching up after the holidays. Fortunately, research from AWeber highlights the evolving U.S. small business sector – where brands will spend marketing dollars in 2013 and who will be in charge of managing campaigns.

Small Business RolesAccording to a recent report, AWeber suggests that 68 percent of small businesses will increase their marketing budgets in 2013. These organizations will embrace a variety of channels, hoping to reach new and existing customers across various screens. However, small businesses don’t have the internal manpower to manage every strategy. The study notes that 93 percent of smaller businesses in the U.S. operate with five or fewer employees. More, business owners of small companies acted as head marketer 93 percent of the time. This means that entrepreneurs must understand where similar organizations plan to spend marketing dollars in 2013 to remain competitive, and new data suggests that social media content could be the avenue of choice.

AWeber discovered that social media marketing will receive a high percentage of budget spend in 2013. Seventy percent of small businesses will invest more into Facebook marketing, 50 percent in Google+, 58 percent in Twitter and 49 percent in LinkedIn. In addition, 72 percent of small brands will funnel resources toward blog marketing. Overall, content remains the cornerstone of future outreach efforts in the United States. Business owners who need help running the show should outsource a percentage of their work to third-party services.

With social media a clear-cut winner in acquiring additional funding in 2013, brands must evaluate which networks fit their needs. It begins with knowing where specific audiences congregate online, and then developing content that resonates with those prospects using the right voice and tone.