Website content that focuses on energy efficiency could help vendors appeal to target audiences.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or another social network, small businesses using social media marketing have struggled to develop schedules for sharing their content. According to Bitly, the best times of day and week to share content vary according to network, and it’s important for companies to consider activity trends when developing that which they want to share.

SMBs using Twitter can share content in the early afternoon between Monday and Thursday for the best results. Bitly said that businesses should avoid sharing content on Twitter after 8 p.m. when it’s less likely consumers or B2B buyers will actively engage with businesses. Moreover, Twitter sharing for B2B companies on weekends is less effective.

Facebook is similar to an extent, with traffic rising in the middle of the day and trending downward as people head home for. The study also highlights that consumers’ focus on SMB social media marketing material tends to decline later in the day. Moreover, sharing links, photos and other content on Facebook should not happen as frequently as on Twitter, but should be done regularly to keep customers engaged.

Tumblr is an especially interesting platform. Given its trends of peaking in the evening when the business day is over, Tumblr is likely best suited for B2C small businesses sharing engaging content.

Tumblr’s growth in recent months has made it a more appealing tool for small businesses using social marketing. ContentLEAD recently reported that Tumblr users spend an average of 89 minutes per month on the site, which places it second behind industry leader Facebook.