Valentine's Day-related topics were trends throughout the day on Twitter.

Valentine’s Day usually brings substantial web activity around the holiday. Social media plays a major role in this event, and small businesses can use the day to give their social and website content a timely boost.

At press time, five of the top 10 trending Twitter topics deal with Valentine’s Day in some manner, ranging from “LoveNotes” to “Corinthians 13,” a passage from the Bible about love.

For small businesses, creating social media content that focuses on special promotions or other posts relating to Valentine’s Day can help garner attention for a social media marketing campaign. Some SMBs can’t relate their products or services to the event, but simply mentioning the event in Tweets can add some levity to the day for fans and followers.

Moreover, website content marketing campaigns can also use an infusion of timely content. As such, SMBs creating articles or blog posts aimed at driving traffic can use trending search terms to capitalize on the topic’s popularity. Similar events, whether national holidays, major sporting events or local celebrations, can be used to draw attention to a website.

ContentLEAD reported on Monday that email marketing campaigns have used the Valentine’s Day fervor throughout February to highlight their products and services. For example, Paper Source, a paper goods retailer, used the day to promote unique gifts ideas.