Facebook marketing campaigns for small businesses must evolve as the platform does.

A recent study conducted by Web Liquid found that companies that share social media content were most successful when they shared photos. According to the company 0.37 percent of users that saw visual content Liked the page, compared to 0.31 percent who saw video content, 0.27 percent exposed to text updates and 0.15 percent shown a link.

The company arrived at these numbers by considering both Likes and comments as engagement compared to total impressions.

Social media marketing campaigns are most effective when they relay a message and provide information quickly. Photos can achieve this, since they appear within a browser and convey a message instantly. Similarly, video content will provide prospects with the message marketers hope to convey quickly and conveniently.

Web Liquid reported that it expects this trend to continue moving forward, as new updates to Facebook, namely the Timeline, are focused heavily on photos. Timline arranges a user or company’s Facebook content chronologically in their profile page in a much more intuitive and interactive manner than the current method.

As Facebook continues to change and become more appealing for prospect outreach, businesses must alter the methods they use to gauge the value of Facebook marketing investments. ContentLEAD recently reported that 30 percent of businesses are not tracking ROI properly.