Yahoo has adjusted its image SERPs to be fresher and more appealing to users.

Yahoo recently announced some adjustments to its image search that could help small businesses with quality visual content stand out. Following its partnership with Getty Images, Yahoo has rolled out some changes that make interesting images more easily visible for search users.

Yahoo’s image SERPs have an upgraded thumbnail view to ensure that visual content is displayed properly. Additionally, new filters will allow users to sort images on the SERP by recency as well by quality.

While the moves do not have any major changes on SEO best practices, it can help fuel discovery for SMB sites with frequently added images. Plus, content marketing campaigns that include images and other visuals are more likely to generate engagement and attract prospects than those without, ContentLEAD has reported. Visual content can also help SMBs make social media marketing campaigns more effective, as engagement on social posts with relevant images is frequently higher than those without visual content.

The updated image SERPs also make Yahoo a more appealing search engine for consumers, which should help attract some users. Additionally, SMBs can follow Bing SEO standards to help improve their standing in Yahoo search, so there are no major adjustments needed to rank on Yahoo.