SMBs can get their most valuable customers to convert with good SEO and website content.

A report from Fleishman Hillard found that 46 percent of Millennial women have read reviews of products, services and businesses on the web. Additionally, 30 percent said they have used the web to post content about their experiences with companies. This makes it important for businesses to put themselves in the conversation and address user feedback with strong online content marketing campaigns.

Millennials, defined as people born between 1981 and 2000, are among the most active on the web. Small businesses hoping to target them need to be aggressive with web campaigns as this segment of the population is active on social media and search, looking for web content that discusses the items they’re considering. The study suggests user-generated content from female Millennials impacts others’ shopping decisions, so businesses should be conscious of what these users are saying about them on the web and respond with content of their own.

According to the study, 16 percent said they have commented on a social network about a positive experience with a product or service. Similarly, negative experiences yielded attention on social networks , with 11 percent saying they “vented” on social after a bad experience.

Targeting Millennial women with social media marketing campaigns can help companies build meaningful long-term relationships with their customers. ContentLEAD recently reported that more than 27 percent of SMBs said that the channel is the best method for customer retention.