SMBs can use their website content for Pinterest content.

A report from AYTM Market Research found that many consumers are active on multiple social networks, which calls for small businesses using social media marketing to follow suit. According to the survey, Pinterest is the fastest-growing platform, but Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others have maintained popularity and growth in recent months.

More than 14 percent of respondents are active on Pinterest. While this is far from a majority of the 400 consumers included in the poll, it represents rapid adoption of the network and positions it to surpass some other older platforms, such as Linkedin, moving forward. More than 30 percent of those active on Pinterest join in the last month, and 20 percent of Pinterest users log into the website at least daily.

For small businesses looking to add Pinterest to their social media marketing strategy, visual content is among the most critical components of a campaign on the website.

ContentLEAD recently reported that Pinterest has made some adjustments to its interface aimed at simplifying the user experience for both consumers and businesses. The updates are expected to further the trend of Pinterest use among social media enthusiasts and businesses looking to expand their internet marketing campaigns.